Simplify Logistics

Would you like to add another vertical to a fully operational e-commerce business? We are here to help you.

In co-operation with our financial and credit insurance partners we help our selected customers to grow. With the assistance of modern financial instruments we can offer buyers longer payment deadlines, at the same time minimising the risk and improving liquidity.

We believe that with mutual co-operation and energy toward overcoming the obstacles will make room for sales and revenue growth.

With drop shipping operation you can:


  • Increase your cash flow
    As a merchant you dont stock the product, so you dont have to pay for it until its sold
  • Minimal start-up costs
    You can start selling without investing considerable amount to buy wholesale
  • Assortment scalability
    Add different products and play with cross & up selling to improve your sales (without time and capital expenditure)

Please use the form on the front page and we will revert with a proposal in 48 business hours.